Dimensions: 330 x 420 mm
Weight (piece): Maximum 4.2 kg
Piece (m2): 10 pieces/m2
Weight (m2): Maximum 42 kg/m2
Palette piece: 240 pieces
Palette weight: Approximately 1.008 kg

Our tayfmartı series concrete tiles, which are designed to fit traditional Mediterranean roof architecture, while providing a vivid and dashy look to your roofs, and with its functional design fulfill its job successfully.

It is resistant to all weather conditions and provides you to use your roof with safety and comfort for many years.

Concrete tiles, besides it is a successful tile in terms of water removal with its round and soft lines, protects your roof without hosting mold and dirt and without fading, because of the brightness of its colors, its shininess and smooth surface.

Like all of our series, our concrete series’ models, which are produced under the norms of EN 490 and have CE certificate, will be protect your roofs safely for many years.