• 1. BTM Shingle Roofing
• 2. Ventilation Chimneys
• 3. Rafter
• 4. OSB Coating Plate
• 5. BTM Under Shingle Waterproofing Membrane
• 6. Dropper Profile
• 7. Gutter
• 8. Shingle Content Ridge Unit
• 9. Shingle Starter Cord.
• 10. BTM Polpan Insulating Board

Asphalt shingle, which is inclined roofing material, is a product that use commonly and its use increasing day by day. The lowest inclination angle for applying shingle plates that recommended is 20%.

Shingle’s, which is made with strong glassfibre carrier and bitumen body that is oxide resistant, production phases are:

• The mixture, which is prepared with superior quality bitumen, is directed to production lines after being passed through quality control.

• The shingle, which is bonded with glassfibre in production lines, applied with colored granules on the top surface after getting the required thickness. At the same time, the bottom surface is covered with fine sand. With the aim of improving wind and tightness performance after the application, in “self-sticky models” sticky bitumen is applied on the surface of plates.

• Shingle get into packaging unit with cuts in the desired form to be sent to the customer.

• The products, that have been performed quality control and got shipment approval, are delivered to the shipment warehouse.